What to Wear for Your Head Shot Session

What to Wear and how to prepare for your Head Shot Photo Session: Clothing and Styling tips

Head shots are taken for professional use, typically on websites and social media sites such as LinkedIn. Although they can bring back that dreaded feeling of your school photo days, they do not have to. Head shots can be fun and unique. They can be designed to bring out your personality and the personality of your company. Here are a few basic tips on what to wear and not to wear for your head shot session.


  1. Avoid Busy Patterns – patterns tend to distract and draw the eye away from your face. In fact, you may notice most modeling photos use simple or black clothing. This is to remove distraction. You are best off wearing a simple pattern or solid color. Definitely no pin-stripes.
  2. No logos unless they are yours.
  3. Choose colors that will compliment your skin tone and hair. Avoid colors that will blend in with your skin or hair. Create contrast between your shirt and natural coloring to make your head shot photo pop. Avoid neons or super bright colors.
  4. Wear Sleeves – wear a shirt or dress with sleeves to create a continuous line down from the neck. Sleeveless tops exaggerate a break in color between the skin and clothes and can look awkward in head shots.
  5. Avoid to many layers – Too many layers can be distracting or make you look bulky. Shirt and jacket are appropriate for formal headshots.
  6. Dress Up Slightly – You may want to dress just a little more formal than you would for a regular work day. Look at what others in your profession or industry wear to get idea on what will look good.
  7. Make sure your clothes are ironed.
  8. Have hair and makeup done and ready to go.
  9. Ladies, wear a nice necklace or scarf if it is fitting for you.

Suggested colors to compliment hair and skin tone:

  • Fair to medium skin brunettes: Light & medium blues, olive to medium greens, teals and blue-greens, medium to dark reds, light to medium purples
  • Fair to medium skin blondes: Medium to dark blues, grays, medium to dark reds, medium to dark greens, medium to dark purples
  • Medium to dark skin brunettes: Yellows, light browns & gold, whites & ivory, ¬†light to medium pink, light to medium blues, light to medium greens,¬†light to medium purples
  • Red heads: Medium to dark greens, browns, gold, medium blues, grays

I recommend you search Pinterest or Google Images for some ideas and suggestions