Fall Family Style Guide

What to wear for your fall family photo session

It’s the questions everyone asks after booking a family photo session. WHAT DO WE WEAR??? Well have no fear! I am here to help. Please read my guide on what to wear for your fall family photo session.

Some general rules:

  • Coordinate, but don’t match. Go with classic fall colors or neutrals. Think creams, grays, and the richer fall colors like maroon, mustard yellow, and blue. When planning your color scheme, consider colors that look good on your family and will look good as portraits in your home.
  • Layer up! Think scarves, cardigans, fur vests…anything that will add a pop of color or interest to your portraits. However, keep it lightweight as you will be moving and walking throughout your session.
  • Patterns: Stick to only one pattern for your family. Whether it is a pattern on Mom’s floral maxi dress, or a plaid, multiple patterns will be overwhelming and distracting. Once you have chosen one pattern, pull from the colors in that to dress the rest of your family.
  • Balance: Make sure your color scheme is balanced and not top heavy or bottom heavy. For example, if Mom is wearing a maroon cardigan, perhaps one of the kids can wear maroon pants. Or if your little girl is wearing a mustard dress, maybe Mom can wear a mustard scarf. In other words, don’t all wear the same color blue shirt and shade of jeans. The goal is to have similar colors spread out throughout your family.
  • Hair and Makeup: It is highly recommended you invest in professional hair and/or makeup for your session. However, if you chose to do it yourself, loose, flowy hair is very popular. 

What to Avoid:

Please read this list of things to avoid when dressing your family:

  • Sweats or athletic clothing
  • Branding on clothing
  • Sneakers (unless they are very subtle)
  • Neons
  • Pinstripes (they create banding in your photos)
  • Too tight clothing
  • Excessive jewelry (keep it simple and classy)
  • Wild colors (like pink pants – that’s more of a summer color)

Step 1:

  • Chose an outfit for yourself first MOM! If you are like most of us Mom’s out there, you will be most critical of yourself. If you do not chose something for yourself first, you will most likely drive yourself crazy trying to find the perfect outfit for yourself that actually matches what you have picked out for your other family members. Find something that you love for yourself and matching the rest of the family will come much easier.  
  • A long dress or maxi dress is a perfect option for family portraits. They look great, give you the freedom to move and interact with your family, and of course, are pretty too.
  • Another great option is jeans and boots. It’s a classic fall look! To finish off this outfit, layers and a loose fitting top work perfectly!
  • Hair and makeup is also important for your session. It is recommended you have your hair and makeup done professionally if possible, but if not, be sure your hair and makeup are done to your liking.

Step 2:

Dress the rest of your family. You know what you think looks great on your kids, so go with it. Wether it is jeans and a cute shirt, or a cute little dress and boots, if you love it, you will love your portraits. Layers can be great on kids too….think vests, cardigans, scarves, suspenders for the boys, bows, and headbands.