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If you are looking for a CT tween photographer, look no further. Having 4 kids of her own, from teenager to toddler, Fiona knows tweens and is ready to plan your photo sessions.

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How did my baby grow up so quickly?

This is exactly what I am saying of my son who just turned 11 years old. Wasn’t he just a baby? Or at least a toddler?

How is that all of a sudden, he is a full fledged Tween?!?!


What does it mean to be a Tween?

It is the time in a child’s life when they are teetering on the edge of becoming a “grown up.” They are finding themselves, experiencing new feelings, and transforming into their “adult” selves. It is different than going from a baby to a toddler, or from a toddler to a child, because those are all phases of childhood. This next phase, this is no longer childhood. This is the culmination of their childhood years, and the beginning of a whole new world. It is a life-changing time in the journey of life.


How does a parent’s role change?

Being aware of our Tween’s self-esteem is crucial. Sadly, our innocent and oblivious children are starting to become more aware of the world around them. Their peers become judgemental, and old friendships start fading while new friendships begin. It is a time of growth and uncertainty and firsts. They will feel new emotions that may seem overwhelming at times. Although they are maturing, they are delicate and will still need us, probably more than ever.

As their parents, we need to find a balance. We have to “let them go” to start experiencing life for themselves, while still protecting them and lifting them up whenever we can. It is a fine line and we will have to make many tough choices to keep this balance. Some days they will love us, and some days they will hate us. BUT, despite all of this, we need them to know that we love and appreciate them, no matter what.


Love them for who they are and let them know it!

They have a style of their own that has been many years the making. Let them express it. Trust that you have led them in the right direction and taught them well. Encourage their uniqueness and support their choices. Let them show their colors, and let their personality shine through. Teach them to own who they are, the good and the bad. To be comfortable in their own skin, and to never be ashamed of what makes them who they are.


Celebrate their accomplishments and childhood!

For our tweens, their childhood has been a lifetime. It is all they know. They have worked hard to get to where they are and they have tried many new things to find what they like. Let them know you appreciate this journey. That you are proud of their accomplishments and who they have become. Whether they played a sport or an instrument, focused on academics, created artwork, or collected rocks throughout their childhood, they worked hard at it. Celebrate this point in their journey and let them know how proud you are of their dedication.


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My Story


Why do I want to do Tween Sessions?

That is my son Jake in the portraits above. He turned 11 on December 31st, 2015. He is actually my 2nd son. His older brother Andrew is 14, and I did not do a Tween session with him. I regret it to this day. Within the past 3 years, Andrew has changed so much it is mind blowing. Since he was my first, I didn’t realize how fast it would happen. It’s like I blinked, and he went from being a child to a “grown up.” This is why I have decided I need to be a CT tween photographer.
why tween portraitsI knew he was growing fast, but then one day, he was taller than me. How did that even happen? I remember sitting next to him in the car one day when he had shorts on, and saying to him, “look at your legs! They are huge!” How did I not see this before? His face matured, and his voice deepened. His smooth little baby face developed contours and fuzz and bumps. He was invited to sit at the “adults” table on holidays because he no longer played with the kids, but rather chatted with the adults. He goes out with his friends on his own…at night!

His behavior has matured, and he has become more responsible for himself. He is motivated for the future and talks about college and careers. He has set goals and ambitions for himself in his adult world. He is no longer a child. He is a “grown-up.” And I could not be prouder of him.

I have found myself saying over and over again, “I can’t believe that in 3 years Jake will be equivalent to where Andrew is now!” He will go through these changes all too quickly. I will be sitting next to him one day and see his legs, and I will realize just how much he has grown. I will blink and he will have crossed the threshold into this “grown-up” world.

And that is why…..


What is a Tween Photo Session?

A Tween Session is a photo session designed to capture the personality and achievements of your tween at the culmination of their childhood. As your ct tween photographer, I will work with you on a plan to highlight your tween’s likes and interests, whatever those may be. We will choose a location that we collectively deem fitting for their personality and interests. For example, if your child swims and wants to highlight this, we will do some photos in a swimsuit, either on a backdrop, at the pool, or both. If your child plays hockey, we will find a lake or pond (as long as it is cold enough of course), or use a locker room or rink. If you child plays chess, we will set up a scene with a chess board. Whatever it may be, we will work together to create a unique and inspiring experience for your tween.

Having beautiful images of themselves will do wonders for their self-esteem. They will look at themselves and actually see their accomplishments and how proud you are of them for it. They will see their beauty and their worth, and what they are capable of. They will see their childhood and their future.
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These portraits will become an heirloom for your family. You will look at them now and love them, and you will look at them 20 years from now and love them even more. Your children will show their children, and your grandchildren will show theirs.

For more information, please contact Fiona, CT tween photographer at 203-214-9117 or email me at info@fionajohnsonphotography.com

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